San Marco Parks

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Belmont Park 1

Belmont Park is 1.3-acre undeveloped tract of land lying directly south of I-95 and east of the FEC Railroad tracks at Gary Street. It is bordered by Gary Street, Flagler Avenue and the FEC Railroad. The site is characterized by mature oaks and pines.

Belmont Park 2

Belmont Park 2 is a .43-acre parcel located on Belmont Street between Nira and Cedar streets. It is undeveloped.


Park Southside Park is a 6-acre active park located on the east side of Hendricks Avenue between LaSalle and Cedar Streets. The Southside Branch Public Library lies adjacent to the park to the southwest. The park is a large open area with a softball field, 6 new lighted tennis courts and a basketball court.

Fulton Green


Fulton Green also known as Historic Kings Road Park – is a .22-acre passive park that serves primarily as a visual entry point to the San Marco area from the east. The park is bordered by streets on all sides. Atlantic to the south, Kings Road on the east, and Fulton Avenue on the west. The park has been recently upgraded with historic markers, benches and landscaping. The park has a very positive visual image.

Landon Middle School

Landon Middle School has approximately 5 acres of recreational space that are open to the public use. The playground areas are divided into two large sections bisected by Arcadia Place and Minerva Avenue. The facilities include a track, football field, fitness area, basketball court and open grass areas. The block between Minerva and Arcadia Streets has a canopy of oaks, the football/track area is a grassy open field. There appears to be no wetlands or severe drainage problems on the site.

Fletcher Park

Preservation Hall Fletcher Park – also known as Belote Green – is a 1.3-acre passive park bounded by Atlantic Boulevard on the north, Belote Place on the east, Alford Avenue on the south and Arcadia Place on the west. The park is characterized by open lawn areas with mature oak, camphor and magnolia trees.

River Road

Riverfront River Road Riverfront is a .16-acre passive area along the St. Johns River that lies in the right-of-way of River Road. The park is a grassy strip approximately 10 feet in width between River Road and the bulkhead. The bulkhead is wide enough for sitting and the area is frequently use by fishermen.

Landon Park

Landon Park is a .74-acre park at the intersection of Landon Avenue and San Marco Boulevard. The park is characterized by mature oaks and magnolias and lawn areas. There is a rose garden situated in the southern area of the park and play equipment is located at the north end.

Largo Road

Lake front Largo Road Lakefront is a .13-acre strip along the east side of Lake Marco on Largo Road. The site is a grassy area approximately 15 feet in width between the curb and the concrete bulkhead. There are no wetlands along the bank. Large oak trees and crepe myrtles line the bank.

Largo Road Park

Largo Road Park is a .13-acre median island in Largo Road that is characterized by large oaks, holly trees and grass. It is primarily a visual park with little active or passive use potential other than the existing bench.

The Lillian Davin Park

The Lillian Davin Park is a .57-acre median strip located in River Road between Arbor Lane and Maple Lane. The median strip is nicely landscaped and is primarily a visual park with little active use potential.

Brown Whatley Park

Brown Whatley Park – also known as Alexandria Park – is a 2-acre passive park located at the intersection of Hendricks Avenue and Alexandria Place. The park is surrounded by single family homes that face Alexandria Place. The site is characterized by a canopy of mature oaks and sweetgum trees with grassy areas below.

FEC Park

FEC Park is an undeveloped 13.86-acre tract of land bordered by Marco Place on the north and the FEC Railroad on the east. Single-family homes back up to the park on the west and south. The park is characterized by a large open field with scattered oaks, sycamores, palms and pines. A small drainage ditch flows from the center of the site toward Marco Place.

River Oaks Park

River Oaks Park is a 9.2–acre green area that serves as a floodplain for Craig Creek. The park is situated on the west side of Hendricks Avenue just north of Brookwood Road. Craig Creek flows from the east side of Hendricks under the road and through the park. The site is surrounded by single family housing perched on bluffs overlooking the creek. Several bridges cross the creek; however, there are no formal walkways through the area. Large cypress, sweetgum and willows are scattered along the creek edge.

Hendricks Avenue Elementary School

Hendricks Avenue Elementary School has approximately 22-acres of land available for active public recreational use. The school is located between San Jose Boulevard and Hendricks Avenue just south of Inwood Terrace. The site is characterized by open grassed play areas with mature oaks and pines scattered throughout. The existing recreational facilities include a basketball court, softball field, baseball field, play equipment, swings and climbers.

Colonial Manor Lake Park

Colonial Manor Lake Park is a .08-acre passive park. The site is a grassy strip located along the lake on San Jose Boulevard between Northwood and Mapleton Roads. The site has recently been upgraded to provide benches, trash cans, signs, landscaping and parking.