Announcing our New Logo!

Announcing our New Logo!

Today the San Marco Preservation Society officially revealed our new logo!
However, we cannot usher in the new without paying tribute to the old.

  • In 1925, Telfair Stockton’s Avondale Company platted the San Marco subdivision and business center, creating both a neighborhood and town square inspired in look and feel by the Piazza di San Marco in Venice, Italy.

    To this day, many street names, design elements, and homes in San Marco reflect this Venetian influence.

The original San Marco Preservation Society logo design features a portrait of the compass atop our campanile statue, located in the roundabout at the intersection of Naldo Ave. and San Marco Blvd. Our campanile statue was fashioned to incorporate design elements from the statue of the Lion of St. Mark, as well as nods to the architecture of the campanile (freestanding bell tower) located in the Piazza in Venice.

The compass sculpture crowning our monument is the ornament from the original San Marco fountain, which was replaced in 1997 by the three lions fountain you see today.

  • The lion motifs found around San Marco are representative of the lion monuments found in Venice’s Piazza di San Marco.

    In the Piazza, the Lion of St. Mark adorns the facade of St. Mark’s Basilica; two lions protect the Piazzetta dei Leoncini; and the entrance to the Piazzetta di San Marco is guarded by two large granite columns, each with symbols of the patron saints of Venice atop their capitals: St. Theodore and the symbol of St. Mark, the Lion of Venice.

The identity and personality of San Marco remain among the many reasons why this is such a loveable and iconic community. It is important to the San Marco Preservation Society to keep that spirit alive.

Our new logo embraces San Marco’s smart growth and development, our iconic neighborhoods, and our vibrant future. The SMPS looks forward to opportunities to enhance our community for future generations.

Now, in hopes of fortifying and refining our identity, the San Marco Preservation Society presents our new logo!

San Marco, cheers to our next 100 years!